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Ok so saturday was the street fair at peet's. It was interesting and i was soo happy to get paid to face paint all day! I love facepainting so much, when Footloose is over i'm going to list myself on craigslist as a facepainter to try and get gigs for kid's parties. There was this really douchey looking band playing called "Beyond Conception", their sound wasn't too bad but something about them was just off, i think they were too rich and white.

Sunday was the AYA bbq in hollywood at Kim & Elsa's which was tons of fun! Once the art party started and the creative [and alcoholic] juices started flowin' we all got along great. Kim's friend also showed up with a pinyata(sp?) which had the coolest stuff inside [temporary tattoos, kazoos, masks, sparkly confetti, bubbles] A great day overall.

I've been getting more used to my bike and i love it so much! Still needs a name...

Footloose started today and I am already exhausted and not looking forward to tomorrow. How is it that these things always seem like a good idea in theory and then i end up not happy when actually in the moment? It's frustrating & I am tired of writing. goodbye.
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