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biking in a dress

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Just got back from the june aya mtg, i had a lot of fun. We had to stall for a couple members to get there so we were just talking and joking around for the majority of the time-- i laughed a lot. Love N she's so funny. BBQ on sunday at kim's place in hollywood, don't forget. I drank a couple glasses of wine so i'm feeling a bit sleepy and i have to get up tomorrow to facepaint at this event my work is having so night.
ps. i rode my bike wearing a short dress, it was a bit weird but do-able fyi
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On August 10th, 2009 10:45 pm (UTC), mytwohands commented:
I ride my bike in heals & short dresses. usually with tights luckily. it stops these boys downtown in their tracks.
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