Well I went.

-ran into Y and he rolled w us
-photobooth pictures w K
-bass, drums rad tunes
-american spirits w Y
-the place to ourselves
-pool w K I won and he owes me a drink
-coming home and watching endless francis w. lights videos
-staying up w K till 4 talking on the balcony
-restless restless
-staying in bed till 2
-switching off between trying to nap and talking and just spooning
-kisses on the forehead
-soul feeling full
-good good music
-coffee and LOVE from viento y aqua
-taking LOVE in a bag to the bluff
-beach babys

fuck i am such a sucker

It's been 4 years

I think i am ready to come back. Instagram and Facebook are way too nauseating and it's mostly my fault for spending so much damn time on them but I don't know if I can look at one more picture of people's fake lives before I smash someone's face in. I think I'll need a new handle though. From oh Nora to hurricane Nora or Nora disaster I never was good at sticking with things. Always was and still am painstakingly fickle and mercurial. It would be nice to write here again though, like a space to write how I feel in a semi private yet semi exhibitionist forum.

Ideally I'd do something more productive with my time.

Ha. I really crack myself up.

just your average thundercats ho

Ok so saturday was the street fair at peet's. It was interesting and i was soo happy to get paid to face paint all day! I love facepainting so much, when Footloose is over i'm going to list myself on craigslist as a facepainter to try and get gigs for kid's parties. There was this really douchey looking band playing called "Beyond Conception", their sound wasn't too bad but something about them was just off, i think they were too rich and white.

Sunday was the AYA bbq in hollywood at Kim & Elsa's which was tons of fun! Once the art party started and the creative [and alcoholic] juices started flowin' we all got along great. Kim's friend also showed up with a pinyata(sp?) which had the coolest stuff inside [temporary tattoos, kazoos, masks, sparkly confetti, bubbles] A great day overall.

I've been getting more used to my bike and i love it so much! Still needs a name...

Footloose started today and I am already exhausted and not looking forward to tomorrow. How is it that these things always seem like a good idea in theory and then i end up not happy when actually in the moment? It's frustrating & I am tired of writing. goodbye.

biking in a dress

Just got back from the june aya mtg, i had a lot of fun. We had to stall for a couple members to get there so we were just talking and joking around for the majority of the time-- i laughed a lot. Love N she's so funny. BBQ on sunday at kim's place in hollywood, don't forget. I drank a couple glasses of wine so i'm feeling a bit sleepy and i have to get up tomorrow to facepaint at this event my work is having so night.
ps. i rode my bike wearing a short dress, it was a bit weird but do-able fyi
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Night on the sun

Just got back from a bike ride with G. I simply love riding my bike so much I can't even explain it. I choose biking over driving in an instant. The only thing is it's hard for be to get used to riding on the street...I'm still so afraid of getting hit by a car which we almost did tonight a couple times ugh. We rode up to the park at the top of state college. The view was amazing, so peaceful. My legs are sore now though, soo much hill climbing. I need to make a point to start riding more.

Tomorrow i work at peets and then aya meeting after where hopefully i will get to see E cause i already miss that girl. I am starting to honestly love life...and truly value the kind/interesting people that i am meeting these days.
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So things are starting to look up a bit. I think I am going to be Fullerton College's summer production of Footloose which will be interesting seeing how i've never done a musical before. Rehearsals are supposed to start Monday which is in 4 days. um liquid diet anyone? haha no but really i need to start working out more.

Went to the apt today and it was nice to be alone with no one to nag at me. I knitted and listened to music like usual, it's a good escape. I really want to finish the purple hat that I am knitting, i may have to unravel it and start again because i dont know if i made the rim big enough.

I should go get ready for out-west rehearsal.

Brand New Start

There's something about the obligation to write in a journal everyday that is completely impossible for me to follow through on. Writing usually enters my mind at least twice a day but the nagging way my brain reminds me to write in my journal makes it feel an awful lot like homework and therefore a very low priority. Anyways I'm finally updating, thank the lord.

Where to begin, I can't even remember where i left off so i'll just start from the middle. So M & D are getting divorced and mom and i are moving into a two bedroom by hillcrest park less than 2 minutes away from the Ford house. The new apartment is nice, everything is bare which i love. It's very much a new beginning and a blank slate. I spent my first night there last night, it was nice. I knitted, listened to music, burned nag champa and read magazines. I felt so calm.

Just went to see a show at the troubador in LA, little joy. They are an amazing band which i just discovered from my friend gabe, they make me really happy when i listen to them. Also i ran/walked the LA marathon which was a fucking task that i was NOT prepared for. As a result my knees are messed up now and even though it's been a couple weeks, they still really hurt. I hope to be able to run without pain soon.

Fullerton College is going well, but i need to meet with a counselor to figure out what classes i still need to take, ah. I can't decide whether I want to do theatre or get into the art program at FC and maybe transfer to a design school. I just really want my career to be something that I am passionate about.

D isn't on my mind as much as he used to be but lingering feelings of nostalgia are still present and i still dream about it a lot even though i don't want to. I wonder if he is happy. I hope that he is. I wonder if we will ever be friends again? It's weird how you can get so close to someone--I don't think I've ever felt as close to a human as I was with D, and suddenly you haven't talked to them in months and don't know anything about them anymore. It's sad. I used to not be able to stop crying when the thought of our past came to mind but the tears don't come anymore. I guess it's been long enough right. heh. Also the fact that he has moved on and is in another relationship makes it sort of impossible for me to harbor any hope. I dwell on things longer than anyone i know.

On the bright side, I am so happy to be single and have no responsibilities. I haven't ever been single for this long and I LOVE it (most of the time). I feel free and lucky to be alive and focus on other aspects of my life. I don't even have any desire to seek out a boyfriend, and while i do miss certain perks of relationship life, i feel confident that things happen when you least expect them too. Ok i keep rambling, i better go do something productive, it's good to be back lj.
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